Reports & documents

FIRST deliverables

The following documents and reports are submitted to the European Commission under the FIRST project's grant funding agreement.

WP1: Management

D1.i Project management handbook (delivered 31st Oct 2011) Members only

D1.1 Quality assurance plan 

D1.2 Periodic management report 1

D1.3 Periodic management report 2

D1.4 Periodic management report 3

WP2: User requirements

D2.1 Functional requirements specifications and user preference survey 

D2.2 User preferences: updated report

WP3: Processing Structural Complexity

D3.i Structural complexity processor v1 Members only

D3.ii Structural complexity processor v2 Members only

D3.1 Structural complexity processor

WP4: Processing Ambiguity in Meaning

D4.i Domain-specific resources Members only

D4.ii Meaning Disambiguator: v1 Members only

D4.iii: Meaning Disambiguator: v2 Members only

D4.1 Meaning disambiguator v2.1

WP5: Generation of Personalised Documents

D5.i An annotated Image Corpus Members only

D5.ii Personalized Document Generator v1 Members only

D5.iii Personalized Document Generator v2 Members only

D5.1 Personalised document generator v2.1

WP6: System Architecture and Software Integration

D6.1 Architecture specification

D6.2 Software prototype v1

D6.3 Software prototype v2

D6.4 Software prototype v2.1

WP7: Testing and Evaluation

D7.1 Qualitative assessment methodology 

D7.2 Benchmark report (result of piloting task) 

D7.3 Evaluation of LT: tools and resources 

D7.4 Qualitative interview: initial draft of topic guides 

D7.5 Evaluation of LT: error analysis

D7.6 Reading comprehension tests

D7.7 Qualitative interview: annotated scripts

D7.8 Final evaluation report

WP8: Dissemination

D8.1 Brief project presentation 

D8.2 Clustering workshop 

D8.i Dissemination plan  Members only

D8.3 Dissemination activity: report year 1 

D8.4 Dissemination activity: report year 2

D8.5 Final workshop

D8.6 Dissemination activity: report year 3

WP9: Exploitation

D9.1 Exploitation plan 

D9.2 Exploitation activity: report year 1 

D9.3 Exploitation activity: report year 2

D9.4 Exploitation activity: report year 3


Other publications & documents

Annotated bibliography - this document reviews important papers for the FIRST project