D3.1: Structural complexity processor

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A Flexible Interactive Reading Support Tool

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31 March 2014

Actual Date of Delivery

31 May 2014

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Final v.1.0

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WP3 – Processing Structural Complexity

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Richard Evans


Richard Evans, Iustin Dornescu

Other Contributors

Elena Lloret, Paloma Moreda


Constantin Orăsan

EC Project Officer

Krister Olson


Syntactic simplification


This deliverable provides a summary of the RTD activities completed during the course of the project to develop novel LT processing structural complexity with a view to improving the accessibility of input documents for readers with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). The deliverable describes LT developed for deployment in a semi-automatic multilingual (Bulgarian, English, and Spanish) service to convert texts into a more accessible form. The LT includes components to convert sentences containing coordinated clauses into a more accessible form, to convert sentences containing the clausal post-modification of nouns into a more accessible form, and to detect and report the occurrence of structural obstacles to reading comprehension in input texts. The deliverable also describes quantitative evaluation of the LT services.