D4.1: Meaning Disambiguator: v2.1

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A Flexible Interactive Reading Support Tool

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Contractual Date of Delivery

March 2014

Actual Date of Delivery

31May  2014

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Approved v.1

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WP Contributing to the Deliverable

WP4 – Processing Ambiguity in Meaning

WP Task responsible

Paloma Moreda


Elena Lloret, Paloma Moreda, Isabel Moreno, Lea Canales

Other Contributors

Iustin Dornescu, Eduard Barbu


Constantin Orasan

EC Project Officer

Krister Olson


Semantic obstacles, coreference, word sense disambiguation, difficult words, multiwords, figurative language


The objective of this deliverable is to present the final version of the Meaning Disambiguator. This framework will help users with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their carers by facilitating reading comprehension and the simplification of texts, respectively. This will be done by means of detection and, when possible, resolution of semantic obstacles, identified in the user requirements (D2.2) as obstacles with high priority (e.g. less common words, ambiguous words, coreference, specialised terms, or idioms). In light of this, this document reports the development, improvements, and evaluation for each of the semantic obstacles addressed in WP4.