D7.5: Evaluation of LT: tools and resources

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A Flexible Interactive Reading Support Tool

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Contractual Date of Delivery

30 October 2013

Actual Date of Delivery

30 October 2013

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Status & Version

Approved v.1

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WP Contributing to the Deliverable

WP7 – Testing and Evaluation

WP Task responsible

Vesna Jordanova


Richard Evans, Iustin Dornescu, Mijail Kabadjov

Other Contributors

Paloma Moreda, Elena Lloret, Eduard Barbu


Constantin Orasan

EC Project Officer

Magdalena Szwochertowska


Evaluation, LT, error analysis


Deliverable D7.5 presents evaluation and error analysis of language technologies developed in the first 24 months of the project. The evaluation is made with reference to user requirements specified in this period (Deliverable D2.2). This deliverable includes background on the evaluation process and quantitative evaluation and error analysis of the LT developed in WP3, WP4, and WP5 (Deliverables D6.2 and D6.3 and internal deliverables D3.i, D3.ii, D4.ii, D4.iii, D5.ii, and D5.iii). The deliverable concludes with a summary of actions derived from the error analysis to steer development of the prototype in months 24-30.