D7.6: Reading comprehension tests

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A Flexible Interactive Reading Support Tool

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31 Dec 2013

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31 March 2014

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199 (including appendices)

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Vesna Jordanova


Arlinda Cerga Pashoja, Vesna Jordanova

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Martin Keats, David Gil, Antoneta Shishkova, Sandra Freire Prudencio, Ana Gonzalez


Constantin Orasan

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Krister Olson


Clinical evaluation, reading comprehension testing, MCQs, statistical analysis.




The effectiveness of Open Book in terms of improving reading comprehension for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) was evaluated by reading comprehension testing.


294 patients (209 males and 85 females) with high-functioning autism were recruited in the UK, Spain and Bulgaria. Comprehension tests were conducted in a controlled environment under time-limited conditions.


Each participant was presented with a battery of 6 texts followed by multiple choice questions and subjective text rating. Three of the texts were simplified through Open Book system and the other three were presented in their original form.  The order of the text presentation was randomly allocated and both researchers and participants were blind to this order. Participants were also blind to the condition of each text. Demographic trends for the sample are analysed and presented.