D7.7: Qualitative interview: annotated transcripts

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A Flexible Interactive Reading Support Tool

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31 August 2014

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15 Oct 2014

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Vesna Jordanova


Arlinda Cerga Pashoja, Vesna Jordanova

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Martin Keats, David Gil, Antoneta Shishkova, Sandra Freire Prudencio, Ana Gonzalez


Constantin Orasan

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Krister Olson


Transcripts, qualitative interviews, content analysis, coding, triangulation.


Individual face-to-face in-depth interviews were carried out in the UK, Spain and Bulgaria to explore the experiences of using the Open Book day-to-day and its impact on social inclusion. The Topic Guides developed earlier on the study were utilized to guide the interviews. We used purposeful sampling in order to collect information from a diverse population with a wide range of socio-demographic variables. Sampling was continued until saturation was achieved - the point at which no new information or themes emerge from the data. Questioning was structured by the interviewer to ensure coverage of key themes and also to be responsive to issues which emerged from respondents’ accounts. Transcripts and interview summaries were subject to thematic analysis. Qualitative data was downloaded for analysis using Atlas.ti computer package.