Upcoming events

There are numerous events at which the FIRST project will be presented. As new events are announced, they are listed on this page. 


Past events


Event Type Location Date/s FIRST project represented by Description

Participation in a World Autism Awareness Day event in Plovidiv. 

Public Plovidv, Bulgaria April 2, 2013

Kodar & Parallel World


The progress of the FIRST project was presented at an event marking World Autism Awareness Day. The event was held at the Regional Historic Museum in Plovdiv, by the 'With mum, hand in hand' organisation. The audience included children with autism, their parents, local autism organisations and local media.

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Participation in Bulgarian television programme 'Life and the city' discussion about autism

Public Plovidv, Bulgaria February 7, 2013

Kodar & Parallel World

The FIRST project was presented in the context of a television current affairs programme's discussion on the topic of the social inclusion of people with autism. The programme was filmed at the NBT Television Studio at the Congress Centre of Plovdiv Fair.  

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'Diaspora in Scientific Research and Higher Education in Romania' Conference

Academic / government Bucharest, Romania September 25-28, 2012

University of Wolverhampton

This event aimed to facilitate collaboration among Romanian researchers (working within Romania and abroad). It also brought researchers together with government representatives to discuss topics related to research and development.

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'Tecnologias del Lenguaje Humano y Discapacidad: Interacciones y beneficios' Summer Course


Alicante, Spain

July 30, 2012

University of Alicante 


University of Wolverhampton

This course for students and academics at the University of Alicante presented human language technologies that can be used to improve the social inclusion of people with various disabilities. 

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'Technology for autism: tools, trends and testimonials' Conference

Public Valencia, Spain July 6-8, 2012 Autism-Europe

This conference brought professionals in the field of autism and technology together with people who have autism and their families. The conference aimed to present the latest research findings in the field of technology and autism, and to create a platform for feedback from the users of technology and practitioners.

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Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference (RaAM 9)  Academic Lancaster, United Kingdom July 4-7, 2012

University of Wolverhampton

This conference brought together researchers from various theoretical approaches who are studying metaphor and metonymy using a variety of methods.

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LREC 2012 workshop on Natural Language Processing for Improving Textual Accessibility (NLP4ITA) Academic Istanbul, Turkey May 27, 2012

University of Wolverhampton


University of Alicante

This workshop brings together researchers focused on developing tools and resources for making textual information more accessible to people with special needs including diverse ranges of hearing and sight abilities, cognitive disabilities, elderly people, low-literacy readers and adults being alphabetised, among others.

View publication (Stajner, Evans, Orasan & Mitkov)

View publication (Mosquera, Lloret & Moreda)

'Looking at autism from a different perspective' Forum

Academic / public Plovdiv, Bulgaria April 25, 2012 Parallel World This event, held at the University of Plovdiv, focused on autism and was attended by students, academics, teachers and parents of people with autism. 

World Autism Awareness Day event in Plovidiv

Public Plovdiv, Bulgaria April 2, 2012 Parallel World This event was held to mark World Autism Awareness Day and involved members of the local government and municipal administration, professionals in the field of autism and parents of children with autism.

Information forum for parents and specialists about the FIRST project

Public Plovdiv, Bulgaria February 5, 2012 Parallel World This forum was organised by Parallel World to inform professionals in the field of autism (psychologists, psychiatrists, specialist teachers, and others) and parents of people with autism, about the FIRST project.  
VU Metaphor Lab Winter School 2012 in Metaphor Identification and Analysis Academic Amsterdam, The Netherlands January 12-27, 2012  University of Wolverhampton This Winter School provided classes in metaphor identification and analysis for PhD and post-doctoral students.
SemEval-2012 Lexical Simplification task Academic (Online), United Kingdom 2012  University of Wolverhampton The goal of this task was to provide a framework for the evaluation of systems for lexical simplification.